BUC$ Analyzer

Home Campus Card Center Statistics

Total Swipes: 12,237
Total Money Spent: $43,682
Number of Users: 83

Average spent per day: $8.77
Average current balance: $276.01

Most popular dining halls:

Name # of times eaten Money spent
Dining Chenango Champlain Dining Hall 4349$13,857
Dining Hinman Dining Hall 1857$5,895
Dining College in the Woods Dining Hall 1655$4,937
Dining Appa. Collegiate Hall Dining 1106$3,433
Dining Appa. Collegiate Hall C-Store 459$1,535
Dining C4 Late Nite Grill 443$1,246
Dining Library Tower Jazzmans 288$1,009
Dining Hinman Starbucks 268$1,014
Dining Einstein Bros Bagels 237$1,048
Dining Mkt Place Tully's 218$1,441
Dining Mkt Place Wholly Habanero 177$1,302
Dining Mkt Place Starbucks 127$450
Dining Mkt Place Mein Bowl 124$923
Dining Mkt Place NY Deli 107$685
Dining Mkt Place Cafe Spice 105$742
Dining Hinman C-Store 103$378
Dining Mkt Place Red Mango 98$486
Dining Mkt Place Pandinis 89$565
Dining Mkt Place International 85$368
Dining Hinman Subway 83$551
Dining Mkt Place Sushi 55$425
Dining College in the Woods Diner CStore 37$178
Dining Mkt Place SubConnection 36$221
Dining Mkt Place Garden Toss 34$192
Dining Cafe Tillman 24$60
Dining Chenago Room 23$275
Dining Downtown Jazzmans 16$63
John Arthur Cafe 10$17
Munchies 7$66
Dining Fieldhouse 5$16
Dining Event Center South Concessions 3$10
Watters Ticket Office 1$10